Welcome to my website! (More coming soon, be patient lmao)

I'm Nicky (aka superlions16, thats my screen name), a person with pretty odd issues but whatever, let's get to who I actually am. I'm a person who does a whole lot of shit with technology, and I even modded an eMac to have modern components. I also like japanese culture (anime, manga, food, etc) but I am not a weeb. Learn the difference. I'm a big fan of older technology, especially old Windows PCs and old Macs (PowerPC and 68k are the best ones).

Why did you have to move?

Well yeah, I wanted to directly upload my stuff to the main server and not on Google Drive because of upload limits on GeoCities.ws. Sorta worked, but whatever. This isn't the most sketchiest hosting site out there so i'll go with it. Fuck you FreeWHA for going yandere on my X10 server! Well now that got fixed, thank mercy.

Social media!

-DeviantArt: superlions16 (Yeah, I'm aware of the toxic community)
-Twitter: @superlions16
-Steam: superlions16
-YouTube: superlions16
-Roblox: superlions16 (Also aware of the bad community, also the first use of this screen name was on Roblox)

Downloads and stuff, lol

Neptunia snoods (for snood, an old and popular puzzle game. also these were made a long ass time ago so they aren't very good)
TTAV134's HP Compaq TC4400/NC4400 F.0C no whitelist BIOS mod (because sendspace sucks)
Windows 2002 (made when i still had the XP phase)
iPod Video 5.5G to classic hack (FW 1.2.1; Not mine, just archived.)
iPod Video 5G to classic hack (FW 1.2.2; Also not mine, aaaaand it looks much worse than the 5.5G version)
SharePod 3.99 (basically hard to find nowadays, so i spread it around by uploading it here :p)
superlions16's website