hi yes hello

hey, it's this guy. yeah, the guy who you probably saw on the internet before. now leave. jk, it's ok

yes i DID change the site because i wanted to remove the things i no longer desire, things that are just obscure nowadays, or things that were just straight up cringe. i wanted to get rid of that ugly xp style a few months back and i just wanted to make this page more simple and less boomer-tier. vietnam flashbacks to may 2019

wait who's "the guy"

i'm nicky, a 15-year old g u y who just messes around with tech. no i don't mess around with dell dimensions and other crappy prebuilts like an amateur would, i uhhh............... i'm too stupid to remember. let's just say that i don't keep xp alive like a bunch of other kids on the internet do.

dude where did windows 2002 go!??!?!?!?!1111////

it grew legs and jumped off a cliff

besides the page is gone so good luck finding the fucking iso anyway lmao

track me down lol

-Twitter: @superlions16
-Steam: superlions16
-YouTube: superlions16
-Twitch: superlions16 (like everything else lol)

the S T U F F

yes i post random shit from the past

neptunia snoods (for snood, an old and popular puzzle game. also these were made a long ass time ago so they aren't very good)
TTAV134's HP Compaq TC4400/NC4400 F.0C no whitelist BIOS mod (because sendspace sucks)
iPod Video 5.5G to classic hack (FW 1.2.1; Not mine, just archived.)
iPod Video 5G to classic hack (FW 1.2.2; Also not mine, aaaaand it looks much worse than the 5.5G version)
SharePod 3.99 (basically hard to find nowadays, so i spread it around by uploading it here :p)
superlions16's website